Meeting notes

1. Refine a cut-set of nodes to minimum

a. output the number of aggregates

b. take a cut point and see if there are two (or more) neighbors that belong to different aggregates.

2. Compare some properties of two agorithms("Cut-set" and "Seed Growing")

a. size of aggregates

b. number of cut-set

c. number of aggregates

3. Design an integrated interface for program

a.Partition Methods


-- Cut-Set

| |

| -- Input "dimension" and "Number of cuts"

| -- Output "number of aggregates" and "cut-set nodes"


-- Seed Growing


-- Input "dimension" and "Number of seeds"

-- Output "Number of aggregates" and "cut-set nodes"

b.Cut-set Refinement


-- Input "set of cut-nodes"

-- Output "result of minimization"



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